Do you offer shipping as well as in-person pickup?

We do offer shipping, but charge shipping & handling fees. We recommend that you pick up your order at one of our events.

Can I suggest new products?

Sure! Email us at merch@tampadevs.com or visit our contact form to send us a suggestion. We'd love to hear your ideas and potentially make your concept come to life.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is available here.

About Tampa Devs

Tampa Devs started as a small group of friends in the technology industry who met through latin dance. After realizing the broad appeal and clear need for a developer meetup in Tampa, founder Vincent Tang publicly launched the group with its first event in September 2021. 

Since its inception, Tampa Devs has helped its members acquire new skills and find success in the technology industry. Our nonprofit organization strives to create unique opportunities for the local community to learn, grow, and succeed together. Today, with more than 1,000 active members on Meetup.com and an average attendance of over 200 attendees at our hosted events, we are proud to serve as a thriving hub for Tampa Bay's developer community.

Whether you're a developer, student, technologist, or entrepreneur, our innovative partnerships with local Universities, non-profit tech institutes, and startup incubators mean there's something for everyone at Tampa Devs.

Visit us at https://www.tampadevs.com.